Fuliza is a service that allows M-PESA customers to complete their M-PESA transactions when they have insufficient funds in their M-PESA account. Some of the benefits are that it:-

  • Allows customers to complete transactions on M-PESA while their M-PESA wallets do not have sufficient funds.
  • Can be accessed multiple times to complete multiple transactions as long as the customer is within their Fuliza limit.

Product Terms

The most amazing thing about this service is that you don’t need to have a smart phone to accesses it. It can be accessed using all of Safaricom’s platforms i.e. STK, USSD, Android and IOS platforms.

How to Register for Fuliza

Dial *234# and select Fuliza or My Safaricom App under M-PESA then select Fuliza.

How to Register for Fuliza
How to Register for Fuliza
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Once you accept the terms and conditions you account will be active within an hour.

Fuliza Transaction Process

Fuliza Transaction Process
Fuliza Transaction Process
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The Fuliza service can be used for the following transactions:

  • Send Money to both registered and unregistered M-PESA customers.
  • Lipa Na M-PESA: Buy Goods and Paybill services.

Fuliza CANNOT be utilised on the following transactions:

  • Agent and ATM withdrawals
  • Airtime purchase
  • Loans & Savings


Fuliza charges a 1% daily access fee for a maximum of 30 days. The Chart below shows roughly how much you will be charged daily

Fuliza Charges
Fuliza Charges

Repayment Terms

You can make both full and partial payment and any funds in the M-Pesa account will be used to settle your outstanding Fuliza fees and any related charges. You must ensure that there are regular cash inflows and outflows you your account.

Every Fuliza customer will be listed with CRB as follows:

  • Positive Listing- This will apply to all active Fuliza customers with no outstanding amount overdue.
  • Negative Listing- This will apply to all active Fuliza customers with an outstanding amount overdue.

However, failure to settle the Fuliza amount utilized in 120 days will lead to CRB Black-listing.

How to Stop Fuliza.

You can Opt Out through USSD or MySafaricom App as long as one does not have an outstanding facility.

  • USSD: Dial *234# > Select M-PESA Products > Select Fuliza > Opt Out.
  • My Safaricom App > M-PESA > Fuliza > Opt Out .

The advantage of using Safaricom overdraft is that you can continue paying for goods or services even when you have insufficient balance in your M-Pesa account. Although the service seems convenient, you should only use it for short-term borrowing. If you decide to use the overdraft, ensure you manage it like any other debt to avoid the spiralling of debts.

Finally can visit any Safaricom Retail outlet or Contact the Safaricom Call Centre on 100 or 200 for any queries or complaints.