In the year 2007 our beautiful mother land of Kenya was filled with hatred. Political problems that threaten to tear Kenya apart. It all begun as people were awaiting the president of Kenya to be announced. President Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner of the presidential election. Supporters of Kibaki’s opponent, Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement, alleged electoral manipulation. This was widely confirmed by international observers, perpetrated by both parties in the election.Violence erupted in the country which was focused mainly in the rift valley, Nyanza province which was mainly directed at the Kikuyu Tribe. This violence peaked with the killing of over 30 unarmed civilians in a church near Eldoret on New Years Day. Tensions in the Rift Valley have caused violence in several previous Kenyan elections, most notably in the 1992 Kenyan Elections. Some of the Kikuyu also engaged in violence against groups supportive of Odinga, primarily Luos and Kalenjin, especially in the areas surrounding Nakuru and Naivasha. Looters also struck a number of stores in Mombasa. The slums of Nairobi saw some of the worst violence, some of this ethnically-motivated attacks, some simple outrage at extreme poverty, and some the actions of criminal gangs. The violence continued sporadically for several months, particularly in the Rift Valley. This led to a number of people being displaced, it left about 180,00- to 250,000 left homeless, i surely ask is it worth it for what happened? What happened to our loving people in our society? Was this just?


Odinga held a strong lead in vote counting on December 28, the day after the election, and the ODM declared victory for Odinga on December 29; however, as more results were announced on the same day, the gap between the two candidates narrowed, and with almost 90% of the votes counted (180 out of 210 constituencies), Odinga’s lead shrank to only 38,000 votes. At a press conference on the morning of December 30, Odinga accused the government of fraud, urged Kibaki to concede defeat, and called for a recount. He said that the ODM would not take the matter to the courts because they were controlled by Kibaki. The Electoral Commission declared Kibaki the winner on December 30, placing him ahead of Odinga by about 232,000 votes. According to Odinga, as many as 300,000 votes for Kibaki were falsely included in his total. The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Samuel Kivuitu, said that while irregularities did occur, they were a matter for the courts, not the Electoral Commission. Supporters of Kibaki, meanwhile, said that discrepancies had actually worked in Odinga’s favor, arguing that discrepancies between polling station tallies and Electoral Commission results meant that Odinga had gained 53,000 votes while Kibaki had lost 106,000. Following the Commission’s declaration of his victory, Kibaki was promptly sworn in for his second term late in the evening on the same day, calling for the “verdict of the people” to be respected and for “healing and reconciliation” to begin.

Unfortunately “healing and reconciliation” did not begin, it was replaced with total chaos, which was witnessed all over the world in media channels. That was not the Kenya that i grew in, i used to hear stories all over the world of such thing happening to other countries but i knew that Kenya was united by the black, white, red and green colors of our flag. The pride i used to have for Kenya was lost over night, at the peak of the violence we hid in our homes as a source of security as that Kenyan Anti-riot police kicked in to restore some peace and order. After all these years the peace and unity, all the effort that we took to build kenya was lost to thin air.

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